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Director of The Legacy & Co Sponsored at VDF by Jump Dance Challenge We caught up with the incredible Arna Singleton and spoke to her about her experiences at VDF and what challenges she's faced in the industry. Make sure you book your tickets to VDF2020 to take Arna's workshops!

What was your favourite thing about VDF 2019?

"VDF has to be one of the most inspiring and enjoyable dance festivals I have ever been part of. Too many things to name when it comes down to my favourite thing from 2019. Definitely venue, layout, atmosphere, workshop teachers and the showcase. The honour of teaching workshops, meeting different dancers and having my dance company The Legacy & Co perform at On Stage at VDF were definite highlights."  What’s special about VDF?

"I believe what is special about VDF is the huge reminder to all that the weekend encompasses the coming together of dancers in a positive genuine atmosphere. There is a real sense of celebration for everyone. No matter what style you train in, what school you are from, competition dancer or not, everyone comes together and sees the value in each other. It' s just a joyous feeling across the whole event and I think it's something VDF should be highly commended for!"

  Tell us about your fave VDF moment? "My fave VDF moment is teaching both junior and senior workshops. To see hundreds of dancers working their hardest in front of you is always a breathtaking moment. It just reminds you about the importance of teaching and providing a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone. Additionally to that, my dance company, The Legacy & Co performing at On Stage at VDF repping the hip hop/urban world. I will never take those moments for granted and the importance it places on my dancers and the value of them being recognised on a prestigious stage in a genre of dance they love in front of the dance industry." 

What has been your biggest challenge in the industry?

"I think the biggest challenge I have faced in the industry has been about coming across members of our dance industry who have their own agenda. Meaning not necessarily looking at a bigger picture that includes everyone. I'm a huge believer that there is room for everyone and that we all have the ability to create higher value in what we do when we come together to find ways to work together. I understand that people must invest in themselves and their vision but this vision can only come alive when we support and value what each other does. In order to have a dance community you must be part of this community and by that I mean genuinely support where you can, attend each others shows/events, share each others news etc. Everyone can't always be at everything or acknowledge everything but where you can, you should take part as it grows your own vision, grows the community and provides a better understanding on where we can take this thing called dance in Australia!"


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