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Juliet Doherty - Ballet Dancer & Film Star

Ballet and Movie Star Juliet Doherty will be coming from New York to Melbourne to teach, perform and inspire at VDF 2019 thanks to MDM Dance!

The beautiful Juliet is a two-time Gold Medalist at the world's largest ballet competition, the Youth America Grand Prix, and she received the Special Jury Prize at the Beijing International Ballet Competition in China. She trained at the San Francisco Ballet School on full scholarship from 2012-2015 before joining the Pheonix Ballet.

An accomplished actor and dancer, Juliet has appeared on the lead in two feature films, On Pointe/Driven to Dance and recently, the new High Strung: Free Dance. Juliet performs as an international guest artist, and most recently appeared in the lead role of Lise in the Tony Award winning musical An American in Paris at the Hale Center Theater, Utah.

Juliet has performed at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, toured the USA with the world famous Rockets and performed at Radio City Music Hall. At the age of 15, Juliet was featured TEDx speaker. She spoke about empowering young artists and people to achieve their dreams through mindful practice. 

Juliet is an MDM Muse, and she will not only teach workshops at VDF, but also perform in the On Stage with VDF showcase

You star in the new dance film High Strung: Free Dance. When will it play in Australia?

“No exact dates are set yet but I’ve heard talks about Summer/Fall 2019! Filming High Strung: Free Dance was one of the most fun and most intense projects I’ve ever worked on!”

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

“It’s hard to pinpoint. Some of the greater highlights of my student and professional career thus far have come from the hardest fights; both internal and external challenges. I definitely look back and am thankful for the tough spaces that I’ve had to push through, because they have offered me so much opportunity and inspiration on the other side.”

What are you most looking forward to about VDF?

“I’m really looking forward to performing! I am always grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with my mum who has choreographed works on me since I started competing (about 9 years old).”

What’s your favourite thing about Australia?

“My MDM Dance family. I have done the most rigorous years of my training in exclusively MDM shoes and I have never had an injury! I believe so strongly in the technology of MDM dance. They truly are leading the revolution in dancewear, by not only thinking of the aesthetic of a shoe but also supporting the longevity dancers. And the vegan restaurant scene is to die for!”

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring ballet dancers?

“My answer to this question always fluctuates. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the topic of making choices that seem risky or bold. I’ve never regretted taking a chance in something that felt true to my intuition or self-expression. My path has always been slightly unconventional in classical ballet, and I’ve had to navigate growing up in a world with a lot of strong judgments on how I should direct my career. Training myself to listen for opinions that support my most-actualized self and tune out the unnecessary chatter has been just as crucial as training my body. Dancers, don’t forget to develop your minds with the same care as your technique!”


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