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Meet Yvette Lee - Our Artistic Director

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Working for over a decade as a Choreographer, Dance Director and Creative Producer, Yvette Lee has solidified a strong place for herself in the Australian Dance Industry. From television, film, theatre and live events her versatility has seen her choreograph in all arenas of the entertainment industry.​ Her 2018 choreography projects included:

‘Candide’ with the NZ Opera

‘Dance Boss’ with the Squared Division

‘All out of Love’ the musical with Air Supply

‘Victorian State School Spectacular at Hisense Arena

Along with all of this, she is currently working on a project with Tim Minchin and 2019 will see her choreograph a musical at the Hayes theatre. Yvette is a powerhouse of dance. Her workshops at VDF are always a crowd favourite, full of energy and power. She is an inspiration to dancers both young and old and we are very excited to yet again have her as Artistic Director of Victorian Dance Festival 2019! We had a quick chat to her about 2018, new year resolutions and advice for aspiring dancers...

How did you get into dance?

"I come from three generations of dancers in my family. I was moving to music before I could walk. My grandparents, parents and siblings were all dancers or musicians so it was definitely in the blood!"

Do you recall a special moment from VDF 2018?

"There were many special moments at VDF 2018, but I must say that the final class of the festival where everyone was dancing in the main room together was definitely one of the most special. That moment encompasses what the festival is all about for me, the community collectively coming together."

What advice would you give to 13 year old Yvette now? 

"To do more ballet! I trained in ballet from 3-12yrs old before I discovered Jazz! I continued ballet throughout my entire training but I do wish I had done more of it as it really would have helped me in many situations I found myself in throughout my career."

Do you keep New Year resolutions? If so, what would one be for 2019?  "A new year resolution to myself is always to be a little kinder to myself. Take more time to check in with myself and others. In this business we must be strong and resilient but it is always very important and necessary to check in with ourselves and see how we are feeling in our bodies and our minds."

3 things that helped start my dance career were…

"Discipline. Perseverance. Having respect for the generation above me and below me." What do you do to relax?"Play with my dog Eddie, yoga, watch the sunset, spend time with family and friends."


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