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Queen Karen Malek - Our Patron

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Karen Malek - Photo: Energetiks

Everyone in the dance world is familiar with the name Karen Malek. Dance Teacher, Studio Owner, Mentor, Examiner, Co-Founder of Transit Dance, Energetiks Model and former President of the ATOD just to name a few of her many hats. Having danced all her life Karen is a powerful voice of dance in Australia. She not only loves dance for the beauty of the art form, but for the life skills it teaches you, it's physical and mental health benefits and the community it creates. Karen is passionate and dedicated to creating opportunities for any child, of any background, to dance. This delightful, quick witted soul is a wealth of knowledge and full of inspiring stories. We are very lucky to have her as our Patron of VDF. We asked Karen a few quick questions on her tea break.. A favourite moment of dance in 2018 was..

"Listening to Meryl Tankard live and developing an appreciation of her contribution to contemporary dance in Australia - what a woman!  Not to mention VDF Teachers Day held earlier in the year!"

What’s the perfect Christmas gift for a dancer? "I think a break from dance, free the mind, experience life - go to the beach, the zoo, the park, the movies, a show, art gallery, museum, events - get out in the fresh air, put your phone and devices away and soak up all life has to offer while the sun is shining and surround yourself with loved ones ….. and a ticket to VDF in April!!"

VDF to me is… "A gathering of community, of connecting with parents who are watching from the sidelines, of chatting to like minded vendors, speaking with the students and meeting and catching up with 'old' friends ….."

You now me for my dance life, but outside of dance I love to.. "Spend time with my grandchildren and family. I very much enjoy football, particularly AFL and round ball, so winter and summer my husband and I are usually at a game or two every weekend …."

What would the title of your dance movie about you be called? "I'm not done yet ……" What are you most looking forward to at VDF 2019? "Connecting with lots of new people who will experience the magic of VDF for the first time and reconnecting with lots of 'old' friends ….."

Karen Malek teaching. Photo: Paul Malek


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