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Jen Dalton, studio owner and dance business coach at Dance Studio Empire is one of our Think Tank mentors at VDF Vitality Teacher Day in 2023. Jen recently spoke with our media partner Dance Informa Magazine about to how to hire the right teachers for your studio business...

Having successfully run and owned multiple dance studios for over 30 years, with in excess of 1200 students, managing teams of over 30 teachers and staff members at one time, Jen Dalton knows just how important strategy, planning and continual learning are if you want to be successful.

For the past 5 years, she has been focusing on sharing her experiences with others in the industry. Her mission is to give studio owners the tools and training to re-align the day to day running of their studio to reclaim more time, choice and balance, leading to the creation of her business Dance Studio Empire.

Read a snippet of Jen's interview below...

Jen, describe your studio for us. When was it established? What styles, classes and levels do you offer? How many teachers are employed?

"I am in my 30th year of running my studio. We are a recreation studio who cater for students aged two to 18 years. At its peak, we had over 1200 students enrolled and teaching from six locations around Sydney with a team of 30-plus, and we offer jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, JFH, acro and musical theatre. What do you look for when hiring a teacher?

"When hiring teachers, I am looking for someone who can connect with the students, listens well and makes teaching dance about the students – not about themselves."

  How do you foster a positive culture in your business? "We have regular teacher training days, mixed with social nights with dates booked from the beginning of the year. This way, the teachers know exactly when and where training/social events will be and are more likely to attend. During these meetings, I encourage them to share any ideas or add input to let them know I value their opinion and ideas." 

Read the full interview with Jen Dalton on the Dance Informa website here.


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