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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Hip Hop faculty Gina Michael spoke to the team ahead of her first experience teaching at VDF, read on to hear why she's excited to share her style...

Gina Michael is an internationally renowned Egyptian-Australian choreographer from Melbourne. She is a sought-after instructor who has travelled the world teaching her unique and eye-catching style in over 40 countries. Read more about Gina on our instructor page here.

What are you most excited about for VDF 23?

"This will be my first time teaching at VDF, so I am incredibly excited to experience the VDF culture and students. I'm looking forward to sharing my style, seeing the dancers take it on board and how we can grow together and vibe!"   Why is it so important that dancers get together and share their love of dance?

"Dance, particularly street dance, is about community. Dancing is already a wonderful art and outlet, but nothing compares to sharing that energy and exchange with like-minded people who share the passion for dance."

  What advice do you have for dancers as they prepare for the VDF weekend? "My advice is to come into the weekend with an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes we can put an unreasonable amount of pressure/stress on ourselves to 'perform' well in these environments but the reality is that we're here to share and GROW. This means that all you need to do as a person is to bring your complete self and be open to growing and being challenged. The growth and evolution will come from that.

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