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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

VDF favourite Paul Malek returns in 2023 and brings his inspirational, uplifting classes in contemporary. "Be you, be fearless and be ready" says Paul as he shares his love of VDF below...

Paul Malek is one of the most highly regarded Directors, Choreographers and Educators in Australia. With a passion for education, self-empowerment and artistic innovation; he inspires many individuals, businesses and communities to strive towards becoming the greatest version of themselves. Read more about Paul on our instructor page here.

What are you most excited about for VDF 23?

"The energy, the vibe and the amazing humans that come with it. It is always such a pleasure to share dance on any level, and at VDF there is such a magnitude of humans from all over Australia and the world that gather together to share their love and passion. When you love something as much as we do, to celebrate it together creates moments that you'll cherish forever."  Why is it so important that dancers get together and share their love of dance?

"To be inspired. It is as simple as that. The action of celebration, information and connection brings inspiration in abundance, and that is what festivals like VDF offer and achieve."

  What advice do you have for dancers as they prepare for the VDF weekend? "Come as you are. Be you, be fearless and be ready to create the magical moments one after the other, after the other and then some.


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