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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We're so excited to welcome back the sensational Sophie Holloway to VDF this year. Sophie's advice to dancers? Never stop learning! Read more below...

Sophie Holloway is an international "Radio City Rockette" and star of TV, Screen and Commercials Read more about Sophie on our instructor page here.

What are you most excited about for VDF 23?

"I love coming to Melbourne to see the hunger in the dancers here. Fresh faces in my classes and the vibe at the festival is so electric, last year I didn’t want to leave!"  Why is it so important that dancers get together and share their love of dance?

"I truly believe as a performer you never stop learning. The best part about sharing the festival with one another is the exposure to new styles and choreographers as well as being challenged by those around you. VDF brings people from all over and it really is something special."

  What advice do you have for dancers as they prepare for the VDF weekend? "Do your research. Learn about the choreographers you are going to be taking class with. What are their influences and inspirations? How do they present themselves in their classes? Who have they recently been working with? Knowledge is power and you will get the most out of the workshops if you have an awareness of who you’re training with.


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