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Click the button above to register for the Silver Swans class. We are aiming for 100 Silver Swans to celebrate Royal Academy of Dance's 100th birthday, so tell all your friends and come along for a fun class together!  And then after your 12pm class, we have another special event for you at 1pm...


VDF has a mini mover program for dancers, aged 3-7.
this year we have a special cygnets to swans class 

We'd like to encourage Silver Swans to bring a grandchild, niece, nephew, or another special little one with them to VDF to enjoy the Mini Mover classes, including a gorgeous Cygnets to Swans class where you can enjoy a dance class together and make lasting memories.

Mini Mover Tickets can be purchase here.
The Mini Mover Program can be viewed here.


These two class are brought to you by Royal Academy of Dance Australia.

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