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Dancers talk Dancers with Nadia Tornese

VDF favourite Nadia Tornese returns in 2024 with hip hop. We asked Nadia to spill the beans on her favourite dancer, signature move and most influential teachers...

VDF Artistic Director Yvette Lee and Nadia Tornese at Energetiks VDF23

Shout out to the teacher/instructor who influenced you most and tell us why. "I have been so incredibly blessed to have so many amazing teachers and mentors over the years. Yvette Lee has always been a constant source of inspiration for me and has taught me so many things along with many others over the years."

If you could dance with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

"That's a tough one and the list would be way too long haha!! But I'm pretty lucky to dance with some incredible people in my life who I also get to call my friends."

What is your signature/go-to dance move?

"I don't think I have a signature move but anything with a good groove is probably my go to!"

Check out Nadia's groove from Energetiks VDF23 below >>

VDF is all about community and dance friends getting together to celebrate the thing that they love and to grow together. Who are your dance friends and how do they help you grow as a dancer?

"Dance friends are the best!!! I have so many people in my life I would be scared to start writing names and miss anyone.

Friends that I have met through dance are truly some of the best people in my life - we love watching each other grow, win and achieve things.

Being surrounded by greatness not only as dancers but as humans has had such a big impact on me and has shaped the person I am today so incredibly grateful for the friends I have met through dance."

Maxwell Trengove

Why do you think dancers should come to VDF?

"VDF is truly one of my favourite weekends of the year - It's an honour to not only be teaching again but to be able to witness all the amazing talent that walks through the doors every year - It's a fantastic way to meet new people and walk out feeling pushed and inspired. The community that has been built over the years is truly incredible and if you're thinking about going DO IT!!, it will be the best decision you make this year :)" Aw shucks Nadia - we love you too!

Find out more about Nadia Tornese on our Instructors page.


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