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Dancers talk Dancers with Trish Squire

VDF favourite Trish Squire took time to share with us her favourite dancer, passion for dance and most influential teachers ahead of her VDF24 appearance...

Shout out to the teacher/instructor who influenced you most and tell us why. "Tony Bartuccio's impact on my dance journey is immeasurable. From being an admirer of his work as a spectator to the privilege of being mentored by him, the evolution has been profound. His guidance not only honed my technical skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the artistry of dance and direction. The experiences of working very closely with him in various projects played a pivotal role in shaping my identity as a dancer, choreographer and director contributing to the amalgamation of skills and passion that define me today."

Photo Ann Reinking by Jack Mitchell
Ann Reinking by Jack Mitchell

If you could dance with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

"Ann Reinking, renowned for her contributions to Broadway and dance, is an iconic figure whose artistry transcends time. Dancing with her would not only be a chance to experience the technical brilliance she brought to the stage but also an opportunity to connect with the rich history of dance. Her passion, exuberance, and profound understanding of dynamics would offer a transformative dance experience, inspiring creativity and growth."

What is your signature/go-to dance move?

"Obviously, I can pop a bevel on any cue but as a dancer, versatility is key. My eclectic range of dance moves reflects a commitment to adaptability and a readiness to express myself in various styles."

VDF is all about community and dance friends getting together to celebrate the thing that they love and to grow together. Who are your dance friends and how do they help you grow as a dancer?

"My dance journey has been enriched by the many incredible friends with whom I've shared the stage, creating a bond that extends far beyond the spotlight. These friends, who were once fellow performers, have become an integral part of my creative life. In the collaborative world of dance, our shared experiences have fostered a deep connection, and now, as we pursue individual paths, the support we offer each other is invaluable.

Together, we celebrate not only our successes on stage but also the continuous journey of artistic evolution. This community of friends-turned-collaborators forms a dynamic support system, where the exchange of creativity is a constant, fuelling our collective growth as dancers and artists."

Why do you think dancers should come to VDF?

"VDF offers a unique opportunity for dancers to transcend their comfort zones in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. The festival provides a platform to explore and embrace new dance genres, fostering personal and artistic growth. The camaraderie among fellow dancers creates an environment where experimentation is encouraged, and the boundaries of creativity can be pushed. Ultimately, VDF becomes a transformative experience, enriching the dancer's journey and expanding their horizons within the dance community."

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