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Dancers talk Dancers with Sela Vai

Updated: Jan 18

Sela Vai VDF24 Instructor Hip Hop

We caught up with award winning Tongan-Australian dancer and choreographer Sela Vai, ahead of her VDF debut to talk about her favourite dancer, signature move and most influential teachers...

Shout out to the teacher/instructor who influenced you most and tell us why. "Neale Whittaker, who took the time inside and outside of class to mentor me to this day. His movement is genre-defying and emotionally honest - such a moving performer."

If you could dance with anyone past or present who would it be and why?

"My favourite dancer of all time is Jilly Myers, because she was the first person that I saw dance that moved me to tears. She is one of the most incredible performers, and dances from the soul."

What is your signature/go-to dance move?

"Opening my arms out to second and a taking a big breath with a high release."

VDF is all about community and dance friends getting together to celebrate the thing that they love and to grow together. Who are your dance friends and how do they help you grow as a dancer?

"One of my first dance crews I was part of was called 'Lipstix' (yes, lipsticks with an "X" ). We were 4 friends who used to gather most nights of the week after school to train but mostly hang out - the rehearsals were bursting with laughter and creativity. We went on to do amazing things as a crew, but our friendship was always the foundation of why we became so strong as a crew. Still to this day, even though we are all in different pockets of the industry, we greatly inspire and check-in on one another."

Sela Vai

Why do you think dancers should come to VDF?

"To be amongst a like-minded community and absorb the greatness that surrounds them!"

Find out more about Sela Vai on our Instructors page.


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