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Dancers talk Dancers with Sarah Boulter

Updated: Jan 18

Sarah Boulter VDF24 Instructor Lyrical

We caught up with choreographer VDF favourite Sarah Boulter to talk about her favourite dancer, signature move and most influential teachers...

Shout out to the teacher/instructor who influenced you most and tell us why. "Very Special mentors Jo Ansell, Cheryl Ansell and Jaquie Ubrien. All three were ahead of their time."

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Alessandra Ferri dance central roles in Sir Kenneth MacMillan's setting of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem.

If you could dance with anyone past or present who would it be?

"Would absolutely have to be Mikhail Baryshnikov"

What is your signature/go-to dance move?

"I am so comfortable on the floor…. So floor work. It is a goal to make a work with no floor work!"

VDF is all about community and dance friends getting together to celebrate the thing that they love and to grow together. Who are your dance friends and how do they help you grow as a dancer?

"My closest friends are in the business or have been, from Lisa Bower Co Director at Ev & Bow, Sher Manu my Kindred spirit and Olivia Ansell who is the Sydney Festival Director. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by influential women in particular."

Why do you think dancers should come to VDF?

"VDF feels like a very wholesome environment where everyone is welcome. A beautiful energy is shared at VDF."

Enjoy a snippet of Sarah Boulter's masterclass at Energetiks VDF23...

Find out more about Sarah Boulter on our Instructors page.


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