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First Nations artist Damian Smith joins us as a guest speaker and instructor at VDF Vitality Teacher Day in 2023. But first we asked him some questions on the value of continued learning for teachers...

Damian enjoyed 18 years as Principal Dancer with the renowned San Francisco Ballet. He brings with him more than 25 years international experience as a dancer with companies such as the Boston Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, Ballet Du Nord and New York City Ballet. Read more about Damian on our Teacher Day Speakers page here.

What will teachers learn from you on Vitality Teacher Day?

"As a teacher we are constantly learning as well; new ways to deliver information, understanding your audience and how to get the information across; the value in building a good solid foundation, structure and technique; how to get your students to work hard but still have fun and enjoy the hard work!"  Why do you think it's important teachers have the opportunity to come together at Vitality Teacher Day?

"It's important to learn from one another. To share concepts or ideas. We are constantly learning just like a student as we continue to take on the responsibility of become the best teacher for your students."

“A teachers ability is measured by their student's success."

  What's the one thing you hope teachers take away from your presentation or the day in general? " I hope people realize that teaching is something we can all learn and improve on. The professional industry is constantly evolving and progressing and as a teacher we need to evolve with it. It's also an opportunity to change a student's life. Its an enormous responsibility and privilege which should never be taken for granted. And making mistakes is just another opportunity to improve!

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding roles and a teacher's impact is something that can influence a person's future and life forever. " 


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