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Entrepreneur and founder of Studio Evolution Chantelle Bruinsma is our business guru at VDF Vitality Teacher Day in 2023. We asked Chantelle some questions about what advice she will be bringing for studio owners...

Chantelle founded a successful performing arts studio which she grew to six locations across Sydney in just under 4 years. With her rapid growth and a team of 35+ teachers, it wasn’t long before other studio owners were approaching Chantelle to share her strategies. This was when Studio Evolution was born. Read more about Chantelle on our Teacher Day Speakers page here.

What makes your seminar The Studio Business Plan VITAL on Teacher Day?

"We all know as business owners we should probably have a business plan, but how do you write one? No studio owner needs a complicated, long document that takes hours to create and you never look at again.

At VDF, I’ll be sharing a revolutionary, one-page Business Plan template designed specifically for studio owners that makes achieving your vision for your studio super practical and joyful.

And the best thing, we’ll be writing your 1 Page Studio Business Plan during our session together. You’ll walk away with your Business Plan in your pocket ready to roll out. This will be a highly focused, practical session you don’t want to miss!"  Who should attend your seminar?

"Anyone who owns or runs a studio will love this seminar. There is always a seat for you at our table.

I’m here to show you how you can have more. More enrollments. More financial security. More freedom. More time to yourself. More purpose to grow your studio in an authentic and profitable way. In the Studio Business Plan session, I’ll share with you a straightforward path to make it happen and will be giving away a bucketload of goodies as well! "

  How do they get the most out of attending? "Come with an open mind and heart. The studio ownership game can be a personal one and if you can come to my seminar with an open mind about what you dream for your studio, we can start to get the big work done. Whether that is more time, more profits, more students or more systems, if we can articulate what you want to work on, then we know where to go." 

Why do you think its VITAL for teachers to keep learning?

As a studio owner, you carry a heavy load. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the things. Learning a new approach, a different strategy or a handy hack to make your life easier can make all the difference in your relationship with your studio.

Just as you love to see the spark in your student's eyes, your team and your students can tell when your eyes are shining bright.

My goal is to give you that little pep that you can take back to your studio and keep doing what you do best: changing the lives of your students. I’m passionate about supporting studio owners to keep the magic alive in their studios and help them find easier ways to grow their businesses and reclaim their freedom.

When you thrive, your studio thrives and learning how to thrive more as a studio owner is the secret key.


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