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VITALITY SPEAKER Q & A - Fumi Somehara

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Fumi Somehara is a renowed, Accredited Practising Dietitian and the director of DDD Centre for Recovery.

Fumi is dedicated to helping dancers and individuals develop a positive and compassionate relationship with their food and body. Read more about Fumi on Teacher Day Speaker page here.

What will teachers learn from you on Vitality Teacher Day?

"Teachers will learn about the important topics of nutrition, body image, and creating a nurturing environment for their dancers to perform at their best."  Why do you think it's important teachers have the opportunity to come together at Vitality Teacher Day?

"It'll be a great weekend to connect with everyone who is doing great work in the field of dance!"

  What's the one thing you hope teachers take away from your presentation or the day in general? "I hope that the teachers can develop curiosity for dancers' health, nutrition, and body image, and feel more empowered to look after their dancers."

Outside of VDF you can find Fumi at DDD Centre for Recovery


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